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The Scoble Show interviews German Blogging Queen
February 20, 2007

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Great interview with the ‘German Blogging Queen’ Nicole Simon about podcasting.  She talks about how and when she records her podcasts and what devices she uses. Great info – check it out! P.S. Her blog is called Cruel To Be Kind.


4 new ways to embed videos
February 6, 2007

WordPress added four more video players, among others DailyMotion and Podtech.

New media blog
December 15, 2006

Apparently there are quite a lot of Europeans who seem to be very interesting what’s going on with the American blogosphere and the big media changes here. In just discovered a well-designed blog called ContentNext written by a European expat living in Los Angeles. One of his first post about the citizen journalism efforts of Reuters and Yahoo is quite interesting.

Huge increase of daily blog posts
November 30, 2006

Daily Blog Posting Volume

Staggering numbers!

Top Blog Trends
November 12, 2006

The great site Modern Life is Rubbish has a great post about the current trends in blogging. He includes some interesting stats about the usage of blog software (almost half of the Top 100 blogs run on specialized or heavily customised software), monetisation (no.1: Adsense), language and topics. I was expecting that the share of personal blogs would be much bigger.

Update your blog from anywhere – via e-mail
November 10, 2006

Software blog Download Squad gives the scoop on BlogMailr, a free tool that lets you add posts to your blog just by sending e-mails.

Thousands blog for a living
November 9, 2006

In his latest quarterly report on the “State of the Blogosphere,” Technorati CEO David Sifry said there are more ways for bloggers to make money now than there were six months ago. While Google will pay bloggers to publish ads, and Amazon will give them commissions for advertising products, networks like Federated Media and Pajamas Media have organized to broker ads across dozens of blogs with extensive circulations. “We’re seeing the formation of ‘guilds’,” Sifry said. “Bloggers who know they have interesting content and so they bind together to work with a sales force.”
One of the most surprising findings in his quarterly review of the blog world Sifry said is the non-Western nature of it all. About 40% of the world’s daily blog postings are in English. Japanese and Chinese are the next most popular languages. “Farsi, the most prevalent language in Iran, is the 10th most common language in the blogosphere,” Sifry said, “showing that even people who are in countries where the media is repressed are able to get their voices out.
Other bullet points from Sifry:

  • Tracking 57 million blogs.
  • 100,000 new blogs are added to the Technorati database daily.
  • 1.3 million new messages are posted by bloggers daily
  • 55% of blogs are ‘active’ (at least one post in the past 3 months), about the same as a year ago.
  • There’s a correlation between the number of new posts and its Technorati authority ranking. More is better.

State Of The Blogosphere
November 7, 2006

 State Of Blogosphere

David Sifry just released his bi-annual report here.

Video Ads Growing
November 7, 2006

New Media with Greatest Ad Growth
eMarketer estimates that spending for online video advertising will reach $410 million, an 82.2% gain over last year’s $225 million figure. In two more years, US marketers will spend over $1 billion, and only two years after that (in 2010), Internet video advertising will be a nearly $3 billion business.

The Blogosphere Is Still Growing
November 6, 2006

Blogosphere Growth
Technorati says it is now tracking more than 57 million blogs, and the blogosphere is doubling in size approximately every 230 days.