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Find your friends with WiFi
March 20, 2007

If you want to locate somebody (or be located) – forget GPS. All you need is WiFi. There is a startup company called Skyhook Wireless which provides a software-only positioning system that leverages a nationwide database of known Wi-Fi access points to calculate the precise location of any Wi-Fi enabled device. It uses the nearest WiFi routers to triangulate the location of you. And if you are (for exemple) a AOL customer and use instant messenging, it also shows you everyone on your buddy list, and then shows where they are on a map.
Cool! Wish that would exist in Europ, too! Does anybody know? P.S. The video demonstation comes with greetings from Jack Bauer….


Update your blog from anywhere – via e-mail
November 10, 2006

Software blog Download Squad gives the scoop on BlogMailr, a free tool that lets you add posts to your blog just by sending e-mails.