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Digg featured on BBC News
March 18, 2007


Google is the best place to work
February 6, 2007

Watch this report by MSNBC – and you’ll understand a little bit better why Google has been voted the beste employer in the USA in a survey by Forbes magazine.

500 Million Web Searches
November 13, 2006

Webpro News reports that Web users conduct over 500 million searches a day (who knows how they calculate such numbers), and that the number continues to rise. Wow!

View-Throughs’ Drive Web Traffic
November 10, 2006

MarketingVox reports that DoubleClick’s fourth annual Touchpoints survey findings highlight the importance that consumers attribute to the internet in generating awareness and as a source of information for purchase decisions.

The survey reveals that consumers are more likely to “view through” an online ad than to click on one. A “view through” refers to a visit to an advertised website after the visitor has seen an online ad – but without having clicked on the ad, instead navigating directly to the site. The view through can occur moments after seeing an ad, or days or even weeks later.

It’s not clear if blogs are also included in ‘websites’, but I sure gadgets blogs like Gizmodo or Engagdet influence the purchases of their readers.