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Internet shaked up adult film industry
January 4, 2007

The New York Times has an interesting story how the porn business is the lastest example how the Internet is shaking up well-established industries. It grew by just 2.4% in 2006, roughly the rate of inflation, to under $13 billion, according to Paul Fishbein, head of the AVN Media Network.


More broadband subscribers
January 2, 2007

Interesting. According to Marketing Vox the top cable and telephone service providers that make up about 94 percent of the U.S. market signed more than 2.5 million net additional broadband subscribers in the third quarter alone. The top 20 cable and telephone also account now for almost 60 million high-speed internet customers.

Huge increase of daily blog posts
November 30, 2006

Daily Blog Posting Volume

Staggering numbers!

500 Million Web Searches
November 13, 2006

Webpro News reports that Web users conduct over 500 million searches a day (who knows how they calculate such numbers), and that the number continues to rise. Wow!

Thousands blog for a living
November 9, 2006

In his latest quarterly report on the “State of the Blogosphere,” Technorati CEO David Sifry said there are more ways for bloggers to make money now than there were six months ago. While Google will pay bloggers to publish ads, and Amazon will give them commissions for advertising products, networks like Federated Media and Pajamas Media have organized to broker ads across dozens of blogs with extensive circulations. “We’re seeing the formation of ‘guilds’,” Sifry said. “Bloggers who know they have interesting content and so they bind together to work with a sales force.”
One of the most surprising findings in his quarterly review of the blog world Sifry said is the non-Western nature of it all. About 40% of the world’s daily blog postings are in English. Japanese and Chinese are the next most popular languages. “Farsi, the most prevalent language in Iran, is the 10th most common language in the blogosphere,” Sifry said, “showing that even people who are in countries where the media is repressed are able to get their voices out.
Other bullet points from Sifry:

  • Tracking 57 million blogs.
  • 100,000 new blogs are added to the Technorati database daily.
  • 1.3 million new messages are posted by bloggers daily
  • 55% of blogs are ‘active’ (at least one post in the past 3 months), about the same as a year ago.
  • There’s a correlation between the number of new posts and its Technorati authority ranking. More is better.

Newspaper circulations continue to fall
November 2, 2006

It’s bleak in the newspaper world, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times:

Weekday circulation at 770 newspapers nationwide equaled 43.7 million a day in the six months ended Sept. 30, down 2.8% from the same period last year, according to the Newspaper Assn. of America. Sunday circulation for 619 newspapers declined 3.4% to 47.6 million. The figures came from data collected by Audit Bureau of Circulations, an independent organization.

Can you believe that circulation was once 65 million? That was back in the mid-80s. Some circulation drops were quite dramatic. Clicking around, I saw 8 percent decline at the LA Times, 1.7 percent at the Chicago Tribune, 5% down at Newsday, 5.4% at the SF Chronicle, 9.4 percent at the SJ Mercury News, 3.3% decline at the Washington Post, 1.3% for USA Today, 1.9% at the WSJ, and 3.5% down at the NY Times. But online versions of newspapers are actually doing quite well.